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Rus-001What is Homosexuality?PDFDownload
Rus-002What is Change?PDFDownload
Rus-003Role of Counselling and Support GroupsPDFDownload
Rus-004Freedom From A SecretPDFDownload
Rus-005Someone I Love is Gay: How Family & Friends can RespondPDFDownload
Rus-006Is There Anything Too Difficult For God?PDFDownload
Rus-007Common Questions about HomosexualityPDFDownload
Rus-008Control - The Last Stronghold of LesbianismPDFDownload
Rus-009How Should the Church Respond?PDFDownload
Rus-010In His HandPDFDownload
Rus-011He Has a Plan and Purpose For My LifePDFDownload
Rus-012Mom, I Have AIDSPDFDownload
Rus-013Growth Into Manhood: Resuming the JourneyPDFDownload
Rus-014Reflections on Twenty Five YearsPDFDownload
Rus-015Reaching Gay YouthPDFDownload
Rus-016Praying for a ProdigalPDFDownload