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If you've come here you probably know someone who thinks they might be gay or lesbian. Or maybe you're even experiencing strong feelings and strange emotions for the same sex. If that's you, we certainly understand.
Many of us at Exodus experienced this as a teenager. We know what it is like to find the same gender appealing. Some of us struggled in silence or secrecy while wishing for a life that would be the opposite of our feelings. We have found that even when we were stuck in desperation and sin, that God came into our lives and sustained us by His grace. Over the years, we matured and God has healed many broken areas of our lives and provided for us.
If you are looking for help and support, we have resources that will be of interest to you. We trust that this website will give you hope. Use the menu on the left to select the pages you want to visit and feel free to drop us a line to ask a question or share your thoughts on our contact form.

May God guide you on your journey for answers…

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