Exodus Global Alliance provides the following services...


A call from a man, "I have struggled with homosexual feelings as long as I can remember. I am so tired. I need help."

Christian Fellowship, Discipleship, Counselling, Support Groups

When you call for help, Exodus will refer you to the Exodus Member Ministries that are close to you. Most of our Member Ministries are non-professional Christian ministries that provide some combination of Christian fellowship, discipleship, counselling and support group services. Some are professional counselling centers. The Finding Help section is the starting place for getting the contact information for Member Ministries. Step 1 = select the Exodus region. Step 2 = look at the regional website or contact the regional office for the contact information of Member Ministries in that region. Or use our Guest Book to tell us you are looking for help. We will send you an email with contact information for the Member Ministries that are the closest to where you live.


Books, videos, support group manuals - there are a lot of resources available to you through the Exodus offices and our member ministries. These resources will answer your questions, bring you encouragement and help equip you to respond to homosexuality with God's grace and truth. You can get more information about resources in the Resources section.


A call from a woman, "I am desperately in need of help and I have no idea where to turn. If you have any help, insight into where to go, or referral agencies in my area, please direct me to them."

Exodus Global Alliance also offers the Exodus WorldNews publication to keep you informed of our worldwide ministry to the homosexual. This publication tells the testimonies of healing from people around the world, current events in the Exodus movement, book and video reviews, prayer requests from ministries around the world, and news of upcoming events. If you would like to receive the Exodus WorldNews for free, please go to Keep Up-to-date to register. You will be placed on our confidential mailing list (we do not loan or sell our mailing list to any organizations or individuals for any purposes whatsoever).

Exodus also has regional newsletters that provide similar information with a specific focus on a particular region. Regional newsletters are available for:

North America (in English)
Latin America (in Spanish)
Brazil (in Portuguese)

Please go to Keep Up-to-date to register for any of these regional newsletters.


A call from a pastor. "I am presently counselling a professed Christian who is a homosexual. It would be helpful to have any information that would assist this person in taking practical steps to overcome this issue."


Each year former homosexuals, people with unwanted same-sex attractions, pastors, therapists, spouses, parents and other interested persons come together at Exodus conferences for a unique gathering of instruction and celebration. Exodus conducts conferences in various places around the world. Some of these are organized by the Exodus Regional Offices. Some are organized by local Member Ministries. And some are organized by the Exodus Global Alliance International Office. Besides powerful worship and inspirational messages, workshops are presented on counselling, relationships, sexual struggles, societal issues, support for family and friends, ministry development, and various other topics. See the Conference section of this website for further details.

Speaking Engagements

Many Exodus leaders are available for speaking engagements at church events. Click here if you want more information about speakers or would like to invite an Exodus leader to speak at a church event.

Ministry Development

Exodus Global Alliance assists in ministry development by providing resources and training. Training is provided at Exodus conferences. Local ministries and churches can also arrange for specific training to be provided to them.